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From team communication to customer outreach, microapps make your content a strategic tool.


HubSpot uses Tiled to transform their static presentations into interactive playbooks. Learn more about how microapps can improve training by signing up below.

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Learn more about how organizations like Instructure use microapps in their digital and email marketing efforts by signing up below.

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Retail & Trade Show Experiences

Skullcandy uses Tiled microapps to create interactive digital signage to enhance their in-store experience.

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See how Tiled microapps provide agendas and support materials for conferences like Outreach.

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We’ve had the opportunity to work with big brands, see how Tiled helped them grow their business even more.

Inside sales

Vivint Solar’s inside sales team uses Tiled to turn presentations into conversations with interactive microapps and co-browsing sessions. Check out our case study to learn more.

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Adobe trains their team with microapp playbooks to reduce ramp time, increase accessibility, and save on printing costs. Learn more in our case study.

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Field Sales

See how Aptive equipped their field sales teams with microapps to share interactive content, proposals, and videos on site in our case study.

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