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Tiled is the next generation publishing platform to distribute, measure, and supercharge your content.

Presenting, the new way

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A single solution to distribute, measure and supercharge your presentations

Appify your presentations

Ever feel your presentations are stuck in the dark ages? With Tiled, you can quickly get up to speed by simply dragging in images, video and other media to transform your content into app-like interactive experiences.

Keep your team in sync

Why is it so difficult to find or distribute your most up-to-date content? With Tiled your presentations are published to the cloud to give your team a consistent brand message that instantly updates and can be viewed anywhere.

Adapt to your conversation

Conversations aren’t linear so why are your presentations? With dynamic navigation, Tiled presentations easily adapt to fit your conversations so your content is engaging and resonates with customers.

Use time more efficiently

Ever had a customer who needed time to weigh the opportunity? Share your presentations to gauge interest and be notified of activity, so you can spend time with more qualified leads.

Know how content is used

Have you ever wondered how your presentations are used or how they can be improved? With Tiled you’ll gain insights from customer activity and timely feedback from your team, so you can continuously improve your content.

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