Make it interactive

Add interactive "tiles" to your imported screens and experience the magic of Tiled.

Publish to your entire team

Align your team with your most current content, instantly.


Access everything in your content library

Connect your team with your content library, where you can categorize your microapps and cache them for offline viewing. Experience a library in our showcase account. 


Engage your audience

Similar to an app or website, microapps let you choose your own experience through content like pitches, playbooks, training, case studies, and more.

Share with anyone, anywhere

Microapps can be shared in-person, by email or text, or co-browsed online. 


Embed wherever

Embed in intranets and websites to expand interaction across the web.


Receive game-changing insights

See what matters most to your audience so you can deliver results.


Incredible features

Flexible interactive builder

Design microapps in your tool of choice and add media tiles, dynamic fields, and adaptive formats.

Comprehensive analytics

Gain insight from interaction with team, recipient, and microapp analytics and engagement scoring.

Real-time updates

Stay connected with automatic microapp updates, push notifications for opens and completions, and sharing reminders.

Team management

Publish to groups, assign permissions, give feedback, and connect your team with a unified microapp library.

Additional security

Control which microapps can be shared externally and use expiring links when sharing to keep content safe.

Streamlined sharing

Embed microapps online, share them via text or email, or host a live two-way presentation.

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Powerful Integrations

Tiled integrates with your favorite tools to seamlessly extend functionality.

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