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Release Notes: July 2019

By July 1, 2019July 12th, 2019No Comments

Our admin analytics refresh gets the spotlight.

This month, we redesigned our desktop sharing flow for admins to provide two new ways to experience a microapp: public links and subtags. If you haven’t tried it out yet, read this and give it a go: we think these new ways to share will open all kinds of opportunities for our customers. Our internal team is already seeing the difference.

First, you’ll notice the sharing button has moved to the bottom right corner of the microapp, just like on our iOS and Android apps. In the sharing panel, you’ll see two new tabs called “public” and “subtag.”

Public shares allow you to name your campaign and share on social media, embed in a website, or just grab the URL to share with a group. Public links don’t need an email like direct shares do, so they’re great for sharing whenever you have a large audience.

If you embed microapps frequently, you’ll also notice we’ve improved the embed experience with a new responsive iframe. We’re pretty proud of the new embedding experience — it resizes seamlessly to perfectly fit your microapp whatever the size of your browser. Just choose which adaptive version you want to embed and copy the code to see your iframe. Want to see it in action? Check out the microapp we embedded in this post.

The last sharing tab is where you can access subtags,  a new way to share on marketing platforms including Mailchimp, Outreach, Hubspot and Sendgrid. Subtags work by passing your recipient’s name from their email to our system, so you’ll see individual pathways in Tiled for every recipient. For subtags to work, just select the system you plan to send in, copy the link, and add it to your email. To learn more about subtags, check out our support page.

What are you waiting for? Go share a microapp. We think you’ll enjoy the new and improved sharing flow.

P.S: If you follow us on LinkedIn, you might have seen our VP of Technology Salil Apte teased some big new things. Give us a follow for more updates in the coming months!