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Build and launch interactive microapps without a line of code using Tiled.
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How it works:

Three simple steps to creating interactive microapps to share with your users.

Design your pages

Use whatever design tool you prefer to create your screens. We don’t limit you with templates or make you learn a new platform.

Layer with rich media

Import your pages into Tiled and layer them with other assets like videos, galleries, quizzes, and more.

Connect with hotspots

Use our drag and drop builder to add interactive hotspots, then publish and share with your customers and team.

What is a microapp?

Microapps let you turn static content into interactive experiences and share them, embed them online, and more.

Make every interaction an experience

Our customers use microapps for everything from sales presentations to event agendas to employee playbooks.  Possibilities are endless.

What will you make interactive?

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