Importance of Experiential Content

By July 10, 2019No Comments

Content marketing has become a key pillar of digital marketing efforts. But one thing that’s hard to replicate with content is the power of a physical experience with a brand or product. 98% of consumers are more inclined to make a purchase after an experience, so to capture that energy, you need to make sure your content can deliver on that experience. 

To create successful content experiences, you need to think about how to shift from passive engagement, like scrolling through a long PDF, to active engagement. One way to do this is to make sure your content is interactive, but you also need to make sure your content is usable and delightful enough for your audience to be truly interested and return again. 

A good way to start is to take the content you’ve already written and think about how you can design an interactive experience around it. This will maximize its usability (and also improve your ability to understand customer interest and create personalization). Content experience means thinking about how your content is used and consumed, not just what information is inside it. How are your points communicated?

Try these steps to start designing an experience. First, think about context. Answer the following three questions to gather information for your design:

  • Who will use your content 
  • Why they would use it
  • How it will be used

Then, use the answers to those questions to design your experience. Think about:

  • What kind of media should be used? (text, video clips, quizzes, images, etc etc)
  • What format would be easiest to use? Maybe it should be a long scroll so they can easily follow a story, or have tabs to pull up relevant information, or have overlays with extra details. 
  • How will it be delivered? Your content could be embedded online, emailed to their computer, or texted to their phone. Think about what will be the most beneficial to your viewer.

Right now, you’re reading a blog post. But look how much more quickly and easily you can consume this information in a microapp instead. That’s the power of a good content experience.