Full-stack Engineer

Full-stack engineer

Location: San Diego, CA

This position reports to: Director of Engineering


What we do

Tiled enables non-developers to create interactive, rich content experiences that perform like native apps or fully coded websites. These content experiences, which we call “microapps,” drive engagement. Sales, marketing, customer success, training and recruiting organizations use microapps to drive engagement with their content.


Live demonstrations of microapps built with our platform

What is a microapp?

National Parks Digital Brochure

Celebrating Mr Rogers




We know what it means to be a talented, inquisitive engineer with big ideas. You’re looking for an opportunity to meet new challenges while solving real problems that have an impact on a growing startup. You want to join a team that pushes you forward, challenges you and encourages you to voice your opinions. You live at the bleeding edge and enjoy working with modern frameworks and toolsets, like React and React-Native, Node and Express.


That’s Tiled. We’ve got a solid team, with experienced kindred spirits and endless opportunities to make an impact.


What you’ll be doing here:

1) Pair programming with other engineers

2) Code reviews of other team member’s pull requests

3) Product roadmapping meetings

4) Collaborative working sessions and whiteboarding with the UX team

5) Building features that thousands of people will interact with on day 1


This is a great opportunity (not that we’re biased) for a passionate engineer who wants to have a big impact on a growing company in an exciting start-up environment. You will participate in regular discussions ranging from development stand-ups to the high-level product roadmap and everything in between. Many opportunities to learn will present themselves and there will never be a shortage of new, exciting challenges for you to constantly improve your personal skill set. Collaboration is vital to our agile product lifecycle, where we actively measure or new features and changes. By consistently validating our ideas and rapidly prototyping we ensure that both our product and our team become stronger with each sprint.


Let’s do this! Are you the talented, nimble engineer we’ve been looking to add to our development team? Along with the aforementioned excitement, Tiled also provides tremendous flexibility and work-life balance. With team member locations ranging from the bottom of the west coast in San Diego all the way up to the top in Seattle, our remote working sessions are a fundamental source of productivity and bonding.


Tiled office perks

  • Remote work flexibility
  • Dog-friendly office policy
  • Catered team lunches (weekly)
  • Company retreats
  • Dev team game time every Friday (Escape room puzzles, Fortnite, Apex, Dota 2, Rocket League, etc.)
  • Ping-pong
  • Padres season tickets



Qualified candidates will have experience with the following technologies:

  • Javascript
  • React
  • Node
  • Express
  • MongoDB


Bonus skills

  • React Native
  • Chai
  • Webpack


The Company

Tiled is a seed-stage, craft software company founded by the founder of Lucid Software (LucidChart). We are located in San Diego, with team members in Seattle, Portland and Utah. We are seeking employees that are self-motivated and proactive and thrive in an environment where there is always more to do than people available. We offer salary, benefits and stock option packages that are designed to align your opportunities for compensation with Tiled’s success.


Sound Good? Want to talk? Send us an email to recruiting@tiled.co, we can’t wait to meet you!


About Tiled, Inc.

Our mission is to improve the way organizations communicate. Designed for medium and large enterprises with field and inside sales teams of 50 or more, Tiled enables presentations that are built for conversations. These interactive presentations (“MicroApps”) are easy to build, share and measure. Having already gained wide-scale adoption from multiple large organizations Tiled is poised to continue dominating the MicroApp space, by building off of the resulting revenue from our product’s success. Join us and help show the world how to quickly build custom, engaging experiences.